8 Safe and Effective Exercises for Lower Back Pain

Childs Pose

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This common yoga pose helps to relieve back pain but in addition, helps with reducing back and stability which can aid in the prevention of sciatica. According to Anne Asher using a pillow between your thighs and legs throughout the pose and spending only a few moments at a time in a child’s pose will unwind tension around the scrolling back area to do the child’s pose.

Start from a kneeling position and keep your toes together as you transfer your knees further apart bring your belly to rest in your thighs and hit your arms forwards resting your four head on the ground. Based on Asher. This may feel difficult initially for those who have hip or lower back tightness but it will eventually relax the muscles and also feel very soothing. Simply go at your own pace and avoid overexertion. In case these exercises help you whatsoever. Be sure to stick around till the very end to discover how to prevent back pain.

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